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5 Not-So-Boring Nursery Designs

If you are reading this then there is a slight chance that you’re pregnant - CONGRATULATIONS!! Maybe you are thinking of redecorating, or maybe you just love design! You also seem like you don’t particularly like the same-same nurseries seen around the traps. Am I close?
Here are a few funky fresh ideas to stimulate your imagination and get that baby kicking furiously in excitement (I mean gently kicking!).
1. Molly Guy’s dream nursery/playroom for her two little ones, Sunny and Coco 
Molly Guy's nursery
It may seem busy to some, but note how the colours of the wallpaper give the rest of the room permission to use those tones, and the warm textures bring the space together. This results in the room feeling cohesive and cosy. 
2. This artistic space by Casey Leigh
Casey Leigh Nursery
Art doesn’t always have to framed, and it especially doesn’t need to be just of baby cartoon animals (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). See how these prints actually set the vibe here? A retro poster and a watercolour painting can be put next to each other just as well as anything – why not see what bits and pieces you have?
3. A fun bright space by John Wardle Architects
John Wardle Architects
Colour is fun to play with, and this nursery/playroom is no different. Lighting is a good way to add colour, whether it be a pendant, floor lamp or table lamp. It can also add a sense of fun into a space – I have a teapot lamp with a beautiful white linen shade in my nursery!
4. General Store founder Serena Mitnik-Miller’s boho space
Serena Mitnik-Miller
Texture heaven! Have you thought of layering rugs? Try a big oversized one for the base and then a fun smaller one on top – perfect if you have floorboards AND for making quiet getaways in the night.
5. A pastel nursery for Louella
If you’re thinking about painting the walls, don’t limit yourself to pink for girls, blue for boys. See how this super light blue makes for a dreamy space, and the textures and art are left to set the tone for the room.