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Aztec Change Table
Aztec Change Table
Aztec Change Table

Aztec Change Table

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The Aztec is the epitome of a statement piece. Giving your nursery a funky and unique vibe, this change table can be matched with any decor for an eclectic feel. Its statuesque persona cuts shapes across the dance floor which is the Nursery, the earthy feel of the wood and rattan twirls gracefully and settles peacefully under the window, and its geometric pattern enlivens the room creating interest and spirit.

'Yes, a drawer!' I hear you exclaim softly. Let's hide all the undesirables like nappy cream and wind drops shall we, and boom, you now have the perfect amount of space without looking too fussy.

We love using rattan as it is a highly sustainable material that uses minimal water and no pesticides. Extremely fast-growing, rattan is a great eco-friendly option for reducing our carbon footprint as well as supporting the small local communities. 

These change tables are designed to fit your growing baby and include a free mattress custom fitted for maximum safety, wrapped in a waterproof linen sheet. Chemical-free and finished with only a natural water-based gloss, The Aztec change table will keep its timeless appeal for generations to come.

Dimensions - 100cm high x 59cm deep x 87cm long.


**Please keep in mind that as these are handmade and are not from a factory, there may be some slight imperfections or variances. Perfectly imperfect x