Like A Diamond Mobile
Like A Diamond Mobile

Like A Diamond Mobile

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Twinkling stars up above have always held special spots in hearts for generations. Add a bohemian twist to a favourite nursery rhyme and you get a fascinating mobile for babe to gaze at in wonderment. 

Our mobiles are made from cane offcuts, supporting the environment and giving back to local families in Indonesia. They have been finished in a non-toxic water-base which will keep your nursery healthy and chemical free.

Greenery adds such a peaceful dimension to a space, and what better way than to have your little one appreciate nature from day one.


Dimensions: 65cm long x 30cm wide x 17cm deep (diamond shaped top)



*Please keep in mind that as these are handmade and are not from a factory, there may be some slight imperfections or variances. Perfectly imperfect x