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Who Are We?

The Miniature Treasury started when a search for funky change tables turned up with no answers... I stumbled across a photograph of a woman leaning over to pick up a painting, but in my eyes, I saw a funky, artistic change table. The inspiration began.

Reviewing all materials out there, I decided on rattan as it was the most pliable – meaning I could twist and form it to create the most beautiful of lines. What can be done with rattan cannot by any means be done with wood, and the journey continued.

Here I shall side step a bit, to fill you in on something that will become fundamental to the story.

I have grown up being taught by the most magical of men, my father, about the beauty of form. A carpenter through and through, he was forever noticing art, pottery, furniture, fences, trees, architecture, letterboxes, beetles, ANYTHING that was beautiful to the eye.

He also taught me the importance of where things came. Their back stories. Why the piece came about in that particular space and time. Every time I pointed at something around the home he would go into great detail about its story, and whether it was with tears in his eyes or a laugh, he would ALWAYS have a deep appreciation and joy from where it came, and how it came to be in his possession.

He told me a story of how his father acquired a painting after a good deed, and wanted to sell it years after just because he could. Dad had resisted, saying ‘No way Dad, you can't sell that! Don’t you remember that family and your friendship?!’ But my fathers partner at the time was the one that got to Grandpa, imploring him not to part with it. ‘Fine’, he muttered.

Passing away a few years ago, Dad received the painting. Although he wasn’t with his ex-partner anymore for at least 15 years, he created a print of the painting, framed it, and sent it to her with a note… ‘If it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t be here today.’


Things that have a story behind them ALWAYS stay in the heart and the head.

So for me creating pieces of furniture of my very own, I had the opportunity to give families their own memory catcher, their own piece of history. These pieces aren’t about trends. These pieces aren’t about the actuality of nappy changing… these pieces are to remind you, to remind us, that there is so much more to life than stuff. It’s the people that popped into your life, it’s the stories from whence they came, it’s the person who we were at the time, it’s the things we did, the experiences we had, it’s the LIFE we are living.

These pieces represent YOU. Your Life. Your Love.


I design each piece with thought, sketching and re-sketching for hours, trying out different shapes and contours. Each piece has its place in the orbit of the brands meaning, and I am so proud of every single design.

I love my pieces, and more than anything I love that they are going into your homes to create that story for you.

Can we teach it to our kids? Look at what has stemmed from some simple story telling…


Love x

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