The Miniature Treasury's Roots

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The Miniature Treasury's Roots

When a mother is created, she looks for ways to keep these memories fresh. The smells, the touch of soft skin, the little noises as they sleep. 'This is my whole world, right here, right now. This MUST be remembered.'


As I wear my grandmother's necklaces and wedding ring and absolutely treasuring these possessions more than any other, I knew pieces that have staying power, timelessness, items that hold the gift of sentimentality, but most of all - tell a story, needed to be in the forefront of this generation.


 With a background in interior design, I know that furniture and its benefits are crucial to people and the functionality of their homes. They need to be durable, to fit in well with other furnishings, easy to maintain, and of course, to look fabulous. I chose to use rattan as not only is it all these aforementioned things, but I could incorporate flowing lines, unique patterns and funky designs that cannot be achieved at this price point with other materials.


 I created beautiful pieces, especially my darling change tables, so that they become heirlooms. Passed on to the next generation, to tell tales of tears and laughter. Let’s bring back the treasured.


 These pieces tell YOUR story. Your journey.

Please enjoy my creations. I created them for you and your grandchildren's children, with so much love.



Love Kate 



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