Our Story

A BIG Welcome!


We're so glad you're here, thank you for finding us and wanting to find out more!


With a background in interior design, my step into the curious and rewarding world of motherhood was always going to have nursery design ebbing at the fingertips.

Bowerbird tendencies running strong, pretty things caught my eye in the world of trends, however classic (yet funky) creations appealed to me foremost and thus no such purchases ever made the credit card statement (PHEW! says husband).

I crave and love staying power, timelessness, items that hold the gift of sentimentality, but most of all - tell a story.

 ‘Let’s create beautiful pieces that become heirlooms!’ I cry. ‘Passed on to the next generation, to tell tales of tears and laughter. Let’s bring back the treasured.’ I treasure my grandmothers items more than anything and when you love something so much you just want others to have the same, don't you think?

Please enjoy my creations. I created them for you and your grandchildren's children, with love.

Love Kate