Welcome to a space full of handmade rattan pieces ~ they crave beautiful stories & memories that bloom effortlessly from the arrival of new life, from generation to generation.


Thank you so much for our beautiful piece. I'm really happy with the quality, and I can see that it has been made with real heart and soul. It sparks so much nostalgia from my own childhood each time I enter my bub's room.

Edwina - Brunswick Heads

OMG I absolutely love my dolls clothing rack. It's so gorgeous and I haven't seen anything on the market like it. All my friends comment on it!

Lisa - Cairns

Thank you so much Kate, it's seriously so beautiful. Couldn't get a better change table.

Mikaela - Gerringong

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Someone Please Tell Me WHAT IS RATTAN

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We are here to do just this.

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A Bit About Us and Why We Are Here

A Bit About Us and Why We Are Here

As you may have read, we have designed our pieces to be heirlooms, to be passed down from one generation to the next. Along the way, these pieces will be a part of memories - 'Oh Mum, I remember that change table! Tommy hit me over the head with my teddy and you sat on the floor next to it and gave me a big cuddle. I forgot about that!'