A Treasury: a place or building where treasure is stored...

The Miniature Treasury: an online treasure trove of beautiful furniture designed for your little one, with love.

Our pieces are designed to be heirlooms,

to tell stories of lives and love past, and the beauty which is early childhood.

It's So Lovely To Meet You.

You've just entered a space which harbors lovingly designed and timeless children's furniture just for you and your home. To be treasured and loved, our pieces are craving the beautiful stories and memories that are early childhood, from generation to generation.


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What is your favourite item in your home? Does it have a story? Most of our favourite and treasured things have a story to them, and things that make us feel are the best ways to create a meaningful home.
A Bit About Us and Why We Are Here

A Bit About Us and Why We Are Here

As you may have read, we have designed our pieces to be heirlooms, to be passed down from one generation to the next. Along the way, these pieces will be a part of memories - 'Oh Mum, I remember that change table! Tommy hit me over the head with my teddy and you sat on the floor next to it and gave me a big cuddle. I forgot about that!'
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5 Not-So-Boring Nursery Designs

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